UTL Solar Charge Controller (Medium Rating)

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 The UTL make Solar charge controller based on rMPPT technology . rMPPT or Maximum Power Point Tracking is calculation that included  into charge controllers utilized for extracting most extreme accessible power from PV module under specific conditions.

rMPPT is a completely electronic system that fluctuates the electrical working purpose of the modules so that the modules can convey most extreme accessible power . Extra power gathered from the modules is then made accessible as increased battery charge current. With rMPPT innovation the charge efficiency  can be expanded by up to 30%, reducing the size of the array required and saving on installation costs .

Auto Detection

In Other Solar Charge controller you have to specify that you have connected 12 V battery or 24 V Battery but  the UTL make solar charge controller will detect automatically whether you have connected 12 V battery or 24 V.

30 % More Efficient

The UTL make rMPPT Charge Controllers are 30 % More efficient than normal charge controllers, as they employ Razor sharp Maximum Power Point Technology. The voltage at different point of times from Morning to evening varies and to tap it different input voltage selection for DC output source are required. MPPT does it accurately, so that you achieve maximum out of your investment in Solar panels. We employ both Perturb and Observe along with Incremental Conductance both methods in parallel.  We call it Razor sharp because it switches the point of solar output voltage very sharply. Now, you need to use only 70% of needed Solar Panels, thus saving 30% of investments, which makes the UTL rMPPT Charge Controller virtually absolutely Free.

Wide Protections

There are a number of protections that the Solar Charge Controller ensures. Solar Charge Controller stops reverse current flow from battery to solar array, it provides load short circuit protection, it provides Battery/Panel reverse protection through DC fuse and Overload protection also.

Friendly Battery Charging

 The Solar Charge Controller nourishes the battery introduced to it a steady help charging current until its voltage achieves 14.2V and the buoy current (which is near zero) then keeps up this voltage above 13V. In this way lessening the buoy current ( streaming for the longest period amid the whole process) to zero, at last bringing about highly improved battery life keeping it completely charged at the same time.

Note :- Code given in the model is stand for Volt and Ampere. Like MPPT2410 stand for 36 Volt and 10 Ampere

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